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From the PyGeo Overview:

The documentation does not stray far a point of view that the code is the text - by virtue of the fact it is computer generated directly from the source code itself.

That being said...

The effort has been made so that the generated documentation is not redundant to a direct reading of the source code:

  1. by providing a manner to navigate the code taking advantage of hyperlink technology
  2. by including information supplemental to what is found in the code itself, most importantly, for a geometric application, visual information.

More specifically, the generated documentation provides:

  • "bread-crumb" links in the heading section of all documentation pages, allowing one to reference where in the code structure one is at any given point and a mechanism to jump between sections conveniently
  • links to html versions of the source code itself, in which Python keywords and words and name significant to PyGeo's functionality are highlighted and color coded.
  • those links to source code at a granular level, linking, for example, references to a particular method in a particular PyGeo class directly to that code of that method within the module in which it resided.
  • for all documentation pages that relate directly to a geometric object, a rendered illustration of that object, as a visual reference to its geometric meaning.
  • hyperlinked to all illustrations of geometric objects, an html version of the actual script used to create the illustration.
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